Maddie & Kiki® acclaimed as TOP 10 BBQ EXPERTS IN ALL OF NORTH AMERICA

Maddie & Kiki®, Canada's favourite female grill experts, have fed thousands of barbecue-loving fans all across Canada and beyond. These charcoal-grilling sisters have a blast showcasing their love for barbecue cookery during television appearances, at live on-stage grilling demonstrations, and on their social channels. Maddie & Kiki take to the streets every week to spread BBQ cheer with their live Instagram segment called #BBQActsOfKindness. From smoked cherry cheesecake to charred morel mushroom and wild turkey pate, Maddie & Kiki grill it all! Recently named in the Top 10 BBQ Experts in all of North America (and the only women!) they are on a mission to get more women involved in BBQ. They also produce a YouTube series called, ‘Made by Maddie & Kiki’ where they teach viewers how to grill up unique BBQ creations with plenty of dancing along the way!

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