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Our Mom always taught us, once a cheater, always a cheater, and that concept has always stuck with us. Cheating was always something that we knew we’d NEVER do. However, our Mom also taught us to never say never, so today, we’re proud to announce that we ARE cheaters…and it feels so good to come clean! We cheated on beef and lamb by substituting ground turkey in these recipes. INCLUDE RECIPES.
We swapped beef for turkey in our grilled tater tot double cheeseburger with honey mustard mayo and grilled Vidalia onions for a lighter option. This crave-worthy burger is decadent and loaded with juicy flavour! We love enjoying a good ol’ beef burger on Friday nights when we want to come home and grill up a quick, easy, and satisfying dinner that’ll be on the table quickly. We were pleased to swap out beef for ground turkey in this recipe for a lighter, healthier option that left us satisfied and wanting more!
We also swapped lamb for turkey in our simple middle eastern turkey kofta kebab pitas with spicy tzatziki. If you haven’t experienced these kababs yet, you’re gonna wanna add them to your BBQ party ASAP! (and you can even take the credit for yourself, we won’t be offended! 😊). We love that ground turkey is versatile across all cuisines and easy to substitute for ground meat of any kind.
Similarly, Kiki has a hobby farm, and farming is a way of life that we really value and want to support farming in our beautiful country whenever we can! We’re extremely proud to be supporting Canadian Farmers by Thinking Turkey. 
We cheated on our typical proteins today, and we’re not afraid to admit it. We had so much fun with these easy recipes that we’ll be thinking turkey for our next BBQ Bash. Just don’t tell anyone that we’re cheaters…

Take the ‘Cheating Challenge’ – which of your favourite meat recipes will YOU swap for turkey?


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